Natural ingredients


Hydro Lab consists of collagen products with natural and active ingredients of the highest quality. Get beautiful skin, throughout life completely natural.

Marine Collagen

Our collagen is extracted from the skin of the great Arctic cod, which is hunted off the coast of northern Norway when it comes down from the Barents Sea to spawn. It has lived freely in the icy, crystal clear and nutritious sea. This makes it one of the finest ingredients in the world.

For generations the Norwegians have caught the beautiful fish with respect for the sea and for the stock. That is why Norway today has the largest and most sustainable cod stock in the world. We get our marine collagen from Seagarden, a Norwegian manufacturer located on Karmø in southwestern Norway. Together we create value from something that is usually useless. This is our contribution to more sustainable use of raw materials.

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Acerola is a small berry that in appearance is very similar to our Nordic cherries. The berry grows on a bush-like plant in the tropical regions of the Western Hemisphere.

We have made acerola a natural part of many of our Nordic collagen blends because the berry is one of the world's best sources of vitamin C, which contributes to normal collagen formation.

The oceans premium vegetable

Seaweed from Puresea®

We use Puresea® seaweed. The seaweed grows wild off the northwestern islands of Scotland, where the water is so clean that the seaweed originally held ecological status.

The seaweed is harvested by gently cutting the tops of the plants, ensuring that the seabed and roots remain intact, allowing the plant to continue growing. Each batch of sustainably harvested seaweed is tested according to a set specification for safety, quality, and essential nutritional aspects. Furthermore, every batch can be traced throughout the entire production process, from the sea to the consumer, right down to the name of the individual farmer.

Hand-picked berries from the wild

Nordic blue berries

The berries we use are wild picked in Sweden, where they grow wild in the large natural areas of the mountain. After harvesting, the berries are dried and dehydrated, then powdered and mixed in our coveted beauty formula, Collagen Beauty Remedy.

We use a wonderful blend of three blue berries, all of which have a high content of the well-known antioxidant vitamin C: blackcurrant (50%), blueberry (30%) and aronia (20%).

We use 600 grams of fresh berries per 100 grams of collagen powder. When the fresh and wild berries are dried and powdered, they become a concentrated powder filled with vitamin C, which tastes wonderfully fresh and natural.

Vegan vitamin D


Earthlight ® is the name of vitamin D from fungi, and the method that increases the natural formation of the vitamin. Earthlight ® is used in food supplements or foods. It is a unique source of vegan vitamin D and it is actually the only method of its kind approved in Europe.

The process is somewhat reminiscent of how we humans get vitamin D from the sun, namely by exposing the skin to the rays. Similarly, fungi are exposed to UV-light, which stimulates the formation of vitamin D.
The mushrooms are dried and powdered into the finest powder called Earthlight ®, and then added to our COLLAGEN IMMUNE REMEDY.

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The power of beauty


Echinacea Purpurea is a perennial that has been used as a natural medicine since the 17th century. Native Americans used the plant to treat a great deal of suffering, including wounds, burns, insect bites, toothache, neck fever, pain, cough, stomach cramps, snake bites, and snake bites.

COLLAGEN IMMUNE REMEDY contains the extracts of fresh-harvested rods, leaves and flowers of Echinacea. The extract contains a number of substances which contribute to the strengthening of the immune system.